Playing Tee Ball with Chris Mathews

Chris Matthews sets this one up as a softball question for Big O, but he turns it into a slam against all the bloviators of the world. Could you say Chris Matthews was bitter after this exchange?

Also, how many college students are really beating down the door to see Hardball live when he doesn’t have Obama as his guest? I can’t imagine many, unless of course most people assumed it was Darrell Hammond doing his impression of Chris Matthews, which is infinitely more entertaining (and informative) than real Hardball.

So again, why do people watch cable news? Because it’s easy. It’s the informational equivalent of microwaving a big, greasy burrito at night rather than settling in to cook a healthy meal. You know you should spend the time to cook, but that burrito is right there, and you know it’ll taste OK, even if you’ll be regretting it later.

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