Podcasting into the void

I made my podcast debut last week (well, first time I was invited in, at least) on the PopCast, and fail miserably in the audition process while getting eviscerated for also being named Tim. But at least I managed to eat up a good chunk of time prattling on and on about Bonnaroo, which surely no one in the newsroom is tired of hearing me talk about yet. This went better than my radio debut on WMUC when I dropped in on Barry Schwartz and Paul “Scoop” Vivari and blindly launched an F-bomb, causing the FCC to chase me down with helicopters and beat me with wooden reeds. Ah college.

Listen to the PopCast here, or find it on the iTunes. If you listen, you will be responsible for doubling the average weekly audience.

(don’t click on this image. It’s only for show)

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