Firefoxy Lady

Firefox 3, I think I love you. If I could marry you and have many, Google-ready babies, I would. It would be so simple to take care of these babies, because they would be easily locatable. “Hey, where’s Moz Jr. run off to?” Then I’d hit ctrl F, and BAM, he’d be located before I even finished typing.
Who are these people still using Internet Explorer? Do they also ride trains to the grocery store and wash their clothes on a scrub board down by the creek? Maybe they even work at newspapers (self-zing!).

Foxy 3, your tabbed browsing and improved bookmarking have done wonders for my ADD. I can hardly write a story these days without simultaneously flipping through my Facebook, Gmail, RSS feed and Digg pages at least several times an hour. I just did it three times during that sentence. And once again while I edited that sentence. There were no new e-mails or responses to read, of course. But there might have been, and Google forbid I miss one a second after it arrives. I just can’t take that chance in this day and age. (“Jonathan Cribbs has also commented on my photo?!? That son of a bitch…”)

Digg is particularly structred for the attention-deficit, tabbed-browsing age. Digg seduces me into opening upwards of 10 tabs at a time to look at the latest geek art or some top ten list of Most Awesomely Awesome Dark Knight Related Topics We Haven’t Written About Yet.

So does this mean my attention span is parsed so thin it can barely read a Panera menu without wanting to Google exactly what “artisan breads” means? (a search you can do in Firefox with a right click into a new tab, fyi). Probably. The Atlantic seems to think so.

I did, at least, read all of that article in one sitting. In print form, nonetheless. Now, where did I park my train?

One response to “Firefoxy Lady

  1. Haha. I still ride the train, and like not being ADD. It can be so confusing at time.s : )
    Love the blog!

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