Cell phone update

Sign on msnbc coverage outside the convention at the Pepsi Center: Bring Back Crystal Pepsi

2 responses to “Cell phone update

  1. Tell that brave sign-holder that I have tried. I made it my life’s work in high school, even had my then-girlfriend’s uncle (a Pepsi Distributor) scour the country for any remaining cases in Pepsi’s possession. Sadly, there were none.

  2. I just checked, and you can get a never-opened bottle of Crystal Pepsi on the Ebay for the starting bid of $1.

    Sweet lord, Crystal Pepsi does not age well. It’s not exactly “crystal” any more. I remember that product being fairly tasty, certainly more so than any of the other weird coffee-, berry- or low-calorie flavored beverages Pepsi has flooded the marketplace with since.

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