Reflections from Virginia

After a weekend of touring and job interviewing here:

• Several letters in the word “Norfolk” are useless. Several others arise mysteriously upon pronunciation.
• Virginia Beach is significantly less heinous than Myrtle Beach.
PETA being based in Nahfik infects the surrounding city with vegetarian-friendly dining options.
• PETA is located on the banks of a river, possibly creating a runoff problem that apparently does not rise to the level of an ethical dilemma.
• Newspaper journalists everywhere are a depressed, downtrodden lot.
• Common sense will tell you to avoid eating an airport egg salad sandwich. Do not ignore this.
• Virginia Beach has Actual Surfing.
• Rarely is there a collective mood on an airplane that welcomes the irreverent gallows humor of the male flight attendant who mistakes the intercom for the microphone at Evening at the Improv.
• Having a baby immediately enters you into a rotating free dinner delivery service program.
• Newspapers are still struggling to understand “the internet”
• Newspapers’ plan to save themselves is alarmingly similar to Bush’s Iraq strategy circa 2005.
Hampton, Va., is allegedly the most-integrated city in America.
• All the Tribune newspapers are being redesigned to resemble children’s picture books.
• Virginia. Effing. Loves. Mixed-use development.
• Serious, weighty, pivotal thinking and decision making will dominate my next few weeks. Heavy drinking is expected to be called upon to lubricate the cogs of introspection.

(photos by me, except for the map, which is from

2 responses to “Reflections from Virginia

  1. I produced a piece for a company named Collins Enterprises that specializes in creating mixed-use development communities in Norfolk and its surrounding areas. You get that gig I might be able to hook you up with some affordable housing but I make no promises because I don’t really wanna go through all that trouble to do that for you and I probably couldn’t anyway. Useless comment.

  2. Hear hear on the Tribune. I’ve stopped reading the Chicago Trib. because the copy-editing is so bad ( think they’ve fired the lot). Spelling mistakes, bad layout, misprints — the Tribune, for God’s sake. It is slowly becoming just another AP repository.

    Well, keep up us updated on your decision. I’m curious if you grilled your potential employer on how they intend to keep revenue up in these troubling times.

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