A NYC newspaper iPod battle

An analysis of iPod art used in New York City area newspapers today to illustrate the Gov. David Patterson’s proposed major tax increases, which include a 4 percent so-called “iTunes Tax” on videos or music downloaded from the internet.

1) New York Post: Jack Johnson’s “Sleep Through the Static”

2) Newsday: U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” specifically the track “Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own”

3) New York Daily News: Hot Chip’s “The Warning”


Also, 4) New York Times: A engaging picture of Barack Obama and Joe Biden in an early education classroom.

The following can be inferred from each selection:
1) The graphics editor at the New York Post, a mid-30s tech-savvy person merely trying to get by in the print business until the economy rebounds, grabbed her iPod, hit shuffle and took a picture of the first item that came up in time to meet deadline.
2) A news editor at Newsday had a brainstorm for a front-page graphic after seeing the tax story come across the wire. But after about 50 minutes of arguments, the rest of the staff was able to talk him out of using an image of a unspooled and tangled analog tape. With deadline fast approaching, he Googled “pop music pods” and copied the first non-Britney-Spears-stomach picture that came up.
3) “Hey intern! Give me your damn iPod for a minute.”

And the winner is……
The Daily News.

Bonus: Listen to Hot Chip’s “Over and Over,”and watch an, um, interesting video here.

One response to “A NYC newspaper iPod battle

  1. “Over and Over” was a great video to watch before packing up my kit and heading out to do it one more time for The Man. First stop: the annual loading up the Deep Well truck with donated canned goods shoot.

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