Friday Happy: The Grifster Still Wants Attention

And here I was about to post a video about swine flu (“you never sausage an outbreak!”) before I found this. That’s right, just when you thought it was over, all the t-shirts had been made, all the memes memed out and all the the dubious tattoo choices forgotten, Kari Ferrell, bka Hipster Grifter, aka the Grifster, resurfaces:

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more about “”, posted with vodpod

[Animal Magazine via FreeWilliamsburg]


“I made some pretty terrible decisions and just wish I could take them all back.”

Vice owes her $200.

The Observer didn’t get in touch with her to comment

Hi Gawker!

She does not apologize to Chris Giganti for capitalizing on his trusting pirate-based craigslist lovelornism.

She actually says “Seacrest out.” Uh, is it too late to downgrade her to the Poser Pilferer?

from Animal Mags photo shoot

from Animal Mag's photo shoot

Animal magazine apparently spent a few hours with her, did a photo shoot, DID NOT TURN HER OVER THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. So clearly she’s now reveling in the attention and her pledge to make things right is probably about as congruous to likelihood as the Baltimore Sun’s promise to turn things around after laying off 61 people this week.

Whatever. I too am kind of sick of this story, except I still find it an endlessly fascinating examination of how closely connected all of Brooklyn is. And this post gives me the chance to share another entry in the lore of Grifster, this time from my former roommate Soraya:

Weirdly, the H.G. also lived with my friend in Greenpoint in January. It’s a 4 BR duplex, and she passed bad rent checks before beginning to date one of the roommates and getting him to pay her rent since her bank account was frozen. The poor fool. Oh, and then she had cancer. Then they evicted her.

Now for the invetible combining of memes! headline: GRIFSTER RESPONSIBLE FOR SWINE FLU? (This time, it’s porksonal)

Open photoshop call for someone to put her face into this picture [UPDA]TE: That didn’t take long. Check this post]

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6 responses to “Friday Happy: The Grifster Still Wants Attention

  1. How difficult would it be to throw her in the trunk of a car, drive to Utah, and chuck her onto the steps of the state police?

  2. There’s nothing remarkable about this story except that Brooklyn, normally a Sith den, is now full of chumps.

  3. Barry, I like to think there are a few enclaves of non-chumps. =)

  4. I fucking hate the Hipster Grifter. She’s the lamest grifter ever.

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