—— Forwarded Message
From: Executive Editor <>
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 13:07:37 -0400
To: Guide Editor <>
. . . .
Subject: Jeff — Donnelly is already at $xxx in freelance fees for May . . .

. . . meaning he has a max of $xxx more and I know tomorrow’s Guide has some of his stuff.

$xxx a week or $xxx a month is the max we can afford to pay him.

He got $xxx for work he did in April.

An inevitable e-mail announcing the decay of freelance work. Who needs supplemental income, anyway?

(I do)

4 responses to “Inevitable.

  1. We could throw my name on some work. You’d get 90 percent. I’d get 10 percent for use of my name?

  2. So why the arbitrary limit? Aren’t they happy to have you as a writer without the hassle of health care or a desk?

  3. Conal, you’re assuming the top bosses still care about actually having content in the newspaper. All they see is dollar signs these days

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