A freelance drought solution

My reaction to this situation was to get a job at TJ’s and keep collecting whatever scraps of freelance work came along. I was waaay off:

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Chima Simone couldn’t think of a better place to spend the recession than the “Big Brother” house.

“I thought it’d be fun,” said the 32-year-old freelance journalist, one of 13 contestants who will be locked away for the 11th season. “I wasn’t getting any responses to my query letters. I’m not traveling anywhere this summer. I thought `Big Brother’ would be a great way to make a ton of money in a limited time without really having to work for it.”

Simone will be among the houseguests competing for the voyeuristic CBS reality show’s $500,000 grand prize, awarded to the contestant who outlasts the rest while being monitored by dozens of cameras inside a makeshift two-story house on a soundstage.

Also: Big Brother is still going on? Who knew?

[thanks to Jeff Vrabel for the tip.]

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