Circulation figures, for your Halloween scares

update: thanks to Conal Darcy for also passing this along.

via The Awl

The accelerating decline of newspapers [10/26, WaPo]

Notice that those precipitous declines right around 2005 are nearly exactly inversely proportional to the rise in my personal student loan debt. Gad.

Let’s lighten the mood with a Halloween joke:

Q: Why do vampires still read the Wall Street Journal?

A: Because it has the best circulation!

yuk yuk yuk

2 responses to “Circulation figures, for your Halloween scares

  1. Don’t try that riddle crap on Brokelyn or we’re gonna have problems, aight?

  2. No shoutout again for the link? Jeez, man, I’m going to have to stop tipping you off.

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