Til death do us pun

A video full of wedding puns? Aisle drink to that!

I made this video last week for the wedding of two great friends, Noah Philip Smith and Jessie Steck, Trader Joe’s BK alumni who tragically (for us, at least) moved back to their homeland last year. Noah is also known as the Black Punther, the first-ever superstar to come out of Brooklyn’s Punderdome 3000 competition. Noah and I had a longstanding arch rivalry at the ‘Dome, trading victories for the first couple of months there. But he was truly the best, and will go down in history as one of the greatest punning minds of a generation (if anyone ever recorded such things in history, which they don’t).

The vid features fellow punners Isaac Klein, Rekha Shankar, Conal Darcy (he of the absurdly long honeymoon yarn), along with Punderdome hosts Fred and Jo Firestone,¬†and Brokelyn’s Dave Colon.

Also, this picture is from the after party and it makes me so happy I can’t stop looking at it.


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