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Are you the Calvin and Hobbes generation?

I had this strip pinned to my wall for most of elem/middle/high school.

I had this strip pinned to my wall for most of elem/middle/high school.

Confession: Though I like to think of myself as a born with ink in my veins newspaper nerd, and actually delivered our local newspaper for about two years, I never read much of the paper until well into high school. We had two that came to our house — the showy Asbury Park Press and the much smaller and more modest (and less newsy) Ocean County Observer — but I’d usually just give the front page a once over (to “see if any wars broke out overnight,” as I’d tell myself. Oh how innocent and peaceful you seem, mid-90s!) and then dive right to the comics. I looooved comics hard, in that proto-obsessive way that I’d later apply to The Simpsons, the later Arrested Development, then Scott Pilgrim, Doctor Who and eventually a relentless pursuit of tattooed girls who weren’t interested in me in Brooklyn dive bars.  This was (we’d later learn) at the end of the last golden age of newspaper comics, so I’d first devour Garfield, then the subtle absurdity of The Far Side, plus Curtis, and, of course, the subversive and endlessly imaginative Calvin and Hobbes.

At the time I treated Calvin and Hobbes like any other strip, save for the particularly elaborate Sunday panels. It was only later in high school and into college I began to see Calvin as an ADD-addled Holden Caulfield of sorts, a kind of bulwark trying to stand against the oncoming waves of nonsensical adulthood.

In connection with the release of the new documentary Dear Mr. Watterson, I wrote a story for the Post about the cult of Calvin and Hobbes and why its influence has remained so potent — particularly, I will say, among our generation, the late 20- and 30-somethings whose pliable young minds were ripe to be molded by the suspiciously smart Calvin, even as creator Bill Watterson faded into seclusion and never released another drop of Calvin art, or gave more than a hint of what caused him to remove himself from the spotlight. In that story, two things got cut from the final copy, so I want to talk about them here: Continue reading

Clip links that don’t lip sync

An interview with the first-ever organic farmer in Georgia!

Consult the Experts: Farmville, Hilton Head Monthly 11/29

Tip from an executive at Edible Arrangements on how to handle holiday gifts!

How to set an employee gift policy, Inc. 12/10

Subversive yacht journalism!

Megayacht Calixe (one of America’s 100 largest), PMY November 2010

The ship’s five cabins and an interior designed by Terence Disdale should be a convenient place to hide from the spotlight: McCaw has been a lightning rod for criticism from newspaper employees who opposed her editorial interference and labor practices. At the height of a staff insurrection in 2006, McCaw was spotted cruising the French Riveria with fiancé (and co-publisher) Arthur von Wiesenberger. While her newsroom workers took issue with McCaw expressing her staunch animal-rights views in the newspaper, the ship’s crew doesn’t seem to have the same concern. Once, during a cruise off the Turkish coast, she sent crewmembers to swim ashore to free a tied-up donkey.

A totally awesome xmas present you can buy for the beer drinker in your life, available by special secret pre-order today to devoted readers of this blog (many of whom don’t live anywhere near Brooklyn), the curation of which has consumed my life for the past month!

BUY IT before it sells out!

Clip: Bottles and cans, just clap your hands

How much can you make collecting cans and bottles?

(Brokelyn, 11/2) If you’ve ever spent your working hours navigating a gray cubicle maze or strangling yourself with clothing hangars at a retail job, just about anything seems like a valid career alternative. Even, we’ll admit to daydreaming, joining those guys who pick bottles and cans out of your apartment trash every morning. Fresh air! Exercise! The thrill of the hunt! Maybe it’s a little messy, but we had to look at dead bodies at our last newspaper job, and you can’t turn corpses into nickels. Walking to work one day, the two of us wondered whether those humble trash pickers are really laughing their way back to McMansions in Jersey. So we decided to find out for ourselves.

READ THE REST because it smells like stale beer and is covered in goo. Also, we spent a lot of time on this one.


Soapbox is in a freelance relationship and it’s complicated

Hey there Soapbox, whatchu been up to lately instead of posting here?
Oh you know, just the usually completely congruous slate of freelancing,

About alligators…:

Consult The Experts: Gator Aid

AlligatorSo you’re in town from Ohio, quietly enjoying your week on the beach and devouring page after page of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” when you glance up to see a GIANT GATOR emerging from the ocean. This, most likely, was not in the brochure. Luckily, Clemson associate professor Richard Blob can help.

Q. Do you think a reality show about alligator wranglers would be a hit?
A. You see some of these videos where people are sticking their head and their arms in there. It’s like, “C’mon! No!” I would not advocate a reality show about alligator wranglers. That’s something that should not be encouraged in any way. Maybe like one episode of “Dirty Jobs” might be enough.

And business trends…:

How to Master Multiple Brand Management (Inc, 10/25)
How to Build a Board of Directors (Inc, 10/20)
How to Open a Business in Miami (Inc, 10/10)

And, uh, free beer…:

What bars do you want… in the Brokelyn Beer Book 2.0!?

beer book(Brokelyn, 10/26) How do we know Brooklyn loves beer? It’s not from digging through your trash, collecting cans (which… we’ll tell you about soon). It’s because when we unveiled the Brokelyn Beer Book back in February, the colorful coupon packets for 25 beers at 25 Brooklyn bars (for $25) sold out in a matter of hours. For those who swooped-in early, it’s been six months of beers on the book. For those who missed out, it’s been one long wait for this moment: the announcement of the second Brokelyn Beer Book! This time, as we prepare this next awesome deal for you, we’re doing it a little differently. We’re bowing to the democratizing power of beer, ignorant of economic and editorial status, and asking: What bars do you want?
READ THE REST and leave good ideas!

And, you know, just running for a state assembly seat in California…: (Monrovia Patch) Tim Donnelly, Republican candidate for California’s 59th State Assembly District, which includes Sierra Madre, spoke Wednesday at a Tea Party rally in Barstow ahead of the Nov. 2 election in which he hopes to best Democratic challenger and former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Darcel Woods. Donnelley is also facing Tony Tyler, small business owner and candidate for the Libertarian Party as well as Robert Gosney of the American Independent Party.

Wait, that last one wasn’t me! But this guy has been wreaking havoc on my google news alert of late. If he wins, I expect even more confused emails than usual.



latest bylines:

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Also, I helped with this, though you’ll actually have to pick up the print edition to see my byline. The Power and Motoryacht 100 Largest Yachts, August 2010. PRINT EDITION SON.

Tatoosh. Read more about in in the current issue of PMY. Excerpt: "...rented out to Tendorin Nguema Obiang, the eldest son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, who used it for a Christmas cruise to woo the hip-hop star Eve."

Clip: You have unlocked – Customer rewards!

How to Start a Customer Rewards Program (Inc., 8/17)

Giving something back to your best customers has become a competitive necessity in certain industries. Here’s how to keep your best buyers loyal.

Clips for yo face

I’ll throttle back the posting of these since they’re coming quite frequently, but for now….


How to Manage Your Online Advertising (Inc., 8/12)

How to Get Feedback from Employees (Inc., 8/10, pictured right)

Jake Owen: Country Music’s Cinderella Story (The Guide, 7/14)