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Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses…

Robin‘s Xmas Holiday Jamz Jamlist. From Robin, as posted on Unlisted:

here’s a little mix to get you in the holiday spirit.

We’re especially enjoying Gentleman Auction House’s “Home for the Holidays”

Plus, a few more Christmas gems from our friends in Measure and Brothers.

Measure: “Auld Lang Syne”

Brothers: “Christmas Wine (I Feel Great!)”


A fine mix of tunes from a little Jew who just can’t get enough Christmas.

our apartment's tree. Very tall, in need of ornaments.

I find myself an inexplicable sucker for holiday music this year, despite not being in the least bit Christian and even a bit anti-Christmas of late. It has something to do with seeing the world in a better perspective through the prism of Brooklyn, where we can curl up in the back of Lobo in a warm brunch pile after slogging through the first snow of the season — and a major and messy one at that — and not be at all disturbed by the unironic onslaught of Traditional Christmas Songs belting out from a CD that sounded like it was possibly ordered off an infomercial or maybe handed out as a door prize at some Santa pancake breakfast. So I would also like to contribute my favorite holiday song of Ex Mas aught nine, a remix of Don Ho’s “Mele

Kalikimaka” by Canadian DJ iamxl Download and rock out to it Chevy Chase style here.

To that we say: Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?


they have teh internet on computers now?

via FreeWilliamsburg, via

Updated from the Boerum Hill branch of the Internet.

Things Tim Donnelly would bring you from the Internet, were that he had an ad:

  • Cheap Beer Related Items
  • Information on Local Vegan Recipes Being Tried in the Kitchen Right Now
  • #HowCribbsBrokeHisHand
  • A Clean-Shaven Face (for advertising purposes)
  • Muppet-Related Amusements
  • Much More (& More)

Jim Donnelly’s blog, which I can only assumes gets dramatically more hits than this one, with Facebook tips such as:

Farmville’s Awkward Grammar

Commentary: does it irritate you how Farmville, etc. uses the word “their” instead of “his” or “her”? It’s grammatically correct to do that when you don’t know the gender of a person, but it just doesn’t sound right when you know their name!

Underemployment, latest edition

Where our creativity goes during the day: a party planning e-mail from El Golfer,

To ring in 2010, we should celebrate the early 90s. Flannel and grunge. Not that it would look any different from Brooklyn right now….which means the theme could be the appropriate “Come As You Are.”

Man, I am a waste of talent at this job…

Inverted Soapbox Heartily Endorses…

…his 77-year-old grandmother’s adorable online singing bear business.

through which you can buy a bear, duck, skunk, hip-hop dog, other animal that sings, dances, shimmies and shakes to the music. Also the home of Bearack Obama:


now with Facebook page! (sister Donnelly, web master)

Two years ago, grandma could barely even turn the computer on. Now she’s on Facebook. The world moves in bounds or not at all.

sing us out, Aussie Alligator:

Friday Happy found you huddled in the corner still

ARMS- “Kids Aflame”

ARMS- Kids AFlame mp3


Arms via myspace

Featuring Todd Goldstein, guitarist of the (thoroughly fun) Harlem Shakes. That’s right, it’s the year of Where the Wild Things Are chic.

Bringing you Brooklyn-based lo-fi ukulele and welcoming melancholy, in songs with deep chasms but soft edges.

Wanna see eem live? For free yo?

We Are Unlisted

The real Kids A Flame, fye. Come all ye missionettes.

Kids Aflame out in the United States Oct. 27 through Gigantic Music.



Deets deets deets

(also, it’s my birthday. single lonely balloon…)
[via ginnyfromtheblog]

Stop beating your meat, go to the Brooklyn meat up

Here’s the info on the first ever Brooklyn Meat Up, the singles event to serve as respite for the desperately stroller laden, depressed breeder-surrounded struggling lonely people of Park Slope/Gowanus. It’s being organized by the devastating blogfecta of Brokelyn (holla), Fucked in Park Slope and Brooklyn Based. Other ideas that were tossed out from our meeting: jugglers, magician, singles scavenger hunt, seven-minutes-in-heaven room, mandatory 10-drink minimum. If I win the pig-butchering class, I will be severely annoyed:


So, our friend Erica at FIPS posted a letter from a reader this summerkvetching about how hard it was to find a good, single man in Park Slope, land of the Bugaboos. Fifty-six comments later, she realized she had no choice but to enhance the locals’ mating prospects and throw a singles party.

Knowing there were many other unattached Brooklynites, male and female, who were having the same problem all over this borough, she decided to invite Brooklyn Based and Brokelyn into her planning room, and, well, you can only imagine the ideas we’ve come up with together. (Let’s just say we’ve tossed out the Tarot reader!) The result of our collective brainstorming is the most hilarious, fun singles party ever: The First Brooklyn Meatup (meat market + meetup = meatup!), on Wednesday, Sept. 30 at the Bell House, where we’ll be co-hosting an evening of tongue-in-cheek fun designed to make you drop your…inhibitions.

We’ll be serving jello shots and $2 Busch beers from 7-8pm, and then the Busch will be just $3 for the rest of the night (wink, wink). A few lucky guys will get to bare their chests in perhaps the first-ever male wet t-shirt contest, the winner of which will win a free pig-butchering class from The Brooklyn Kitchen’s soon-to-open cooking school, The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs! A few more giveaways will be peppered throughout the night, including prizes worth $120 from Babeland and a free room at Hotel Le Bleu! (And hey, if you don’t win that, there’s always the Bell House’s photo booth!)

And because we went a little overboard on the Meatup theme, we invited La Cense Burger Truck to serve its grass-fed patties from 7-10. (Vegetarians, we hope that’s not too much of a turn-off for you.)

Tickets, $10, are on sale now. Buy one and follow us on twitter to stay posted on things like the male/female ratio and other goodies your hosts have in store for you. While you’re at it, RSVP on facebook, too!

FIPSBrooklyn Based, and Brokelyn Present:

149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 643-6510

Tickets, $10 in advance and at the door, on sale now>>

(also, Sept. 30 happens to be the birthday of your trusty Inverted Soapbox editor! “Charm +2 Charisma +1 Luck +3. You have unlocked: END OF DRY SPELL(?)”