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The perpetual search for an Actual Winter Coat; or, how to be a lifelong season-change denier

Old-school winter jacket, circa puberty (not pictured)

I suffer from some as-yet unidentifiable psychological disorder that establishes a mental roadblock preventing me — for several years going now — from ever getting a proper winter jacket. This is part of some secret, season-change denialist cabal that I was involuntarily signed up for at birth, a group that plots its own perceptions of reality on a sunny Seaside beach in the dead of August, the times when the whik-whik-whik spin of the boardwalk game wheel or the roaring storm surge of the ocean seem like the only boundaries of existence. I consider it general knowledge that winter is mostly a useless season, just some horrible excuse to put on weight via baked goods and to convince yourself of the wonders of bland corners inside your apartment instead of exploring the vast (even if frigid) world about you.

Part of it is the sheer logistics of the thing: winter coats are big and heavy, always hanging off your shoulders like a seasonal albatross, a thick pad practically the size of another person you have to climb into like a one-man submarine, then find storage for at your destination, all in the name of bracing apparently horrifying cold of the 15 feet between your car and the front door.  Continue reading

Didja know…

…Capt. Vegetable was from New Jersey? This whole time!

(via Matt Hitchens)

For all the hate New Jersey gets, I’ll take Garden State tomatoes at the farmer’s market over other veggies any day.

I like the kid Eddie who eats spaghetti is no less culpable for being unhealthy than the kid who eats candy. Is this why we raised a generation of carb-obsessed adults?

“Gee Capt. Vegetable, this is the best thing to come along since meatballs!”

A time for turtles

In honor of our trip to Boston this weekend to see the Maryland Terps beat up on the Bro-town College Smeagles, I present to you this still shot from Modern Family featuring three of my favorite things: 1) turtles, 2) a Shel Silverstein reference and 3) Ed O’Neil.

can I get a whoooa Terps

Shel Turtlestein! This show is good for no other reason than it returns Ed O’Neill to the spotlight. Throwback clip: “Ed O’Neill: TV’s Little Giant,” from all the way back in March of 2007, for The Guide.

Daily Show reservation fail

I’ve been lucky enough to go to two tapings of The Daily Show since moving to New York. The first, the guest was Colin Firth, and resulted in one of the Most Awesome Life Achievements Ever. The second was Jude Law, keeping up a trend of seeing  dreamy British actors. I snagged tix again a few months ago for a taping this upcoming Wednesday and have been anxiously awaiting the guest lineup. Here it is:



I have nothing against Jon Hamm, other than I had no idea who he was at first (Mia Hamm’s husband?), and realized, upon checking Wikipedia, that I’ve never seen anything he’s done. But, c’mon! Two former heads of the most powerful countries in the world, and the proprietor of the Fashionable Male (who, by the way, kills it every time on The Daily Show)? Lousy ticket aim, me. No, I’m not going to watch Mad Men now. I’m not going to start watching it just to annoy you.

I still have a soft spot for Affleck, despite his poor life decisions, because, he was pretty integrable part of New Jersey related cinema during my impressionable teenage years. To quote Kevin Smith from his Evening with Kevin Smith DVD:

There’s a dude named Mark Steven Johnson who’s directing Daredevil. He’d been hanging around while we were shooting the movie. He said, ‘Who could play Daredevil?’ And I said, “Affleck.” ‘Cause that’s my answer for everything. I’m a big fan, so I think he can play anything. If people are like, “Jaws?” I’m like, “Affleck. Affleck plays the fucking shark.”


The Demolition Man Prophecy

Are you aware of … The Demolition Man Prophecy?

The Demolition Man Prophecy lives on

Will Arnold be our president? Are YOU going to stop him?

The Demolition Man Prophecy was first unearthed in 1993 when its namesake film exploded in the faces of theater audiences. Yet the stock of its credibility and prescience has only improved over the years. And after seeing The Expendables, I think it’s clear forces we don’t understand are pulling the strings here.

Continue reading

It’s not in the cards

Buddy Charlie was nice enough to donate his considerable design services to pop out some business cards for me recently (he did a great job too). I feel like such an adult! It even inspired me to open the powerpoint on my macbook for the first time:

I will burn through this box of cards pretty fast at this rate. (Yes, I know it’s entirely possible that some of the purple area are reading this, seeing as a link to here is printed on there. Does that count as a minor win?)

As of press time

A thought hit me as I was banging away at another semi-newsy blog post the other day and purposefully inserting

Press building opening day at Lowcountry newspapers

New multi-million dollar German press for the Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette , built just four years ago! (photo by Jay Karr)

the cheeky anachronism “As of press time..: even in a post-press age, it may still be relevant.

I have no doubt that much of the nomenclature of the old media structure will disappear in time, even as they wear out their comforting nostalgia drives. At some point “stop the presses” will be as much a relic as a linotype machine, despite that we’ve continued to half-seriously scream “stop the presses” even though presses haven’t actually had to be pulled to a grinding halt in decades (it’s not that hard to hit pause on a publishing software system); “copy desk” will probably stick around, as long as (we hope?) there will still be editors somewhere; “rewrite” is gone already; referring to a story in “inches” is sailing off into the sunset (though for some of us, it’s still how the default way to think about story length. Sorry, metric system); “A-matter” and “copy boys” are dead, “putting the paper to bed” is going to sleep, and “tombstoning” sounds more apt to describe the industry than abutting hedes. Good stories will still always have “legs” to me, even if I’m the only one chasing those gams. Continue reading