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Cee-Lo = He-ro

Cee-Lo’s new song is brilliant, and not just because it uses a brandishes a bad word about like the flag of a conquering army. It may be a deft creative strike against the plague of being overplayed into oblivion.

In pop music, you have this rarefied echelon of songs that start with the artists’ loyal following, slip into mainstream play and suddenly become ubiquitous at sporting events, BBQs, bar jukeboxes, and even the iPod nano your mother takes to the gym. See: Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” Feist’s “1234.” Contrast this to any song from the Black Eyed Peas or Smashmouth, which seem to be constructed solely with the intent of seeing how many commercials and between-inning stadium pumping-up they could profit from. Continue reading

The slap heard round the world

it's true, you know

From a rather bland story called “Grounded” in Superman #700, in which a woman pushes through a crowd to slap Supes in the face for (seriously) being off-planet and not knowing that he should have saved her husband’s inoperable brain tumor with his x-ray vision and heat vision.

Then he like stops flying and starts walking, or something.

Lisa it’s your wedding

thank you Erik Weber and his buddy Matthew Beischer for pointing this out:

happy wedding Lisa

TOO Day in once upon a Simpsons timeline, Lisa was supposed to have aged enough to be married to a Hugh Grant clone. Think about that, and now you feel 157 years old. A sunday wedding!

From season 6, episode 19, 1995.

Other things that were supposed to have occurred by Simpsons 2010:

Bart married and divorced three times

World War III

Scientists discovering a cure for 15 stab wounds in the back (but not quite 17)

Lisa and Millhouse did it

Things that actually have happened:

Video phones

Holographic trees



back with new posts next week!

LIVE teevee debut!

Team Brokelyn and Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer, Faye Penn (on screen), Rocky Mills and some hobo they pulled in off the street

So someone pointed out that I’m slouching. But whatever, at least I wasn’t biting my nails or sneezing uncontrollably. Brokelyn was invited to come on Brian Lehrer Wednesday, and the link to the video podcast is at the bottom, if you’re interested. This certainly beats previous sorta-live TV appearances, via Fox News.

As I wrote for Brokelyn (which may or may not appear on the actual site, it’s too early to tell):

So, here’s the thing: if you invite writers from a website dedicated to finding the glory and guile of brokeness around every corner to come onto your Manhattan-based high-def TV show, you shouldn’t be surprised when one of them ransacks the green room free pastry plate and soda table (and makes a to-go plate on the way out).

Continue reading

Brian Lehrer is all right by me

wow, this blog is getting horribly self-promotional of late. But if you didn’t care, what’s stopping you from leaving?

Inverted Soapbox and Team Brokelyn will be on Brian Lehrer LIVE tonight at 7:30.

It’s NY cable channel 75, I hear, and I have to take the internet’s word for it because we have no television.

Show link, which doesn’t have much more info.

It’ll be available as a video podcast eventually. That’s right: you can finally have a tiny me in your pocket at all times.

Quotes about Brian Lehrer, from his show’s site:

“I listen to Brian Lehrer… Wow, I love that guy. I love the show.” – Jon Stewart  (in a speech at a New Yorker Magazine forum)

“Usually a pretty fair and smart guy” – Bill O’Reilly (on his show)

“You are it. You are the man.” – Thomas Friedman (on “The Brian Lehrer Show”)

Interview: Outgoing Hilton Head Mayor Tom Peeples

I don’t normally post my Hilton Head Monthly stuff here, but I figured I’d make an exception for this interview with Mayor Tom Peeples, who announced this year he’s not running for reelection after serving four terms, making him by far the longest-serving mayor the town has seen in its short history. I covered the guy for four years at The Island Packet, talked to him countless times by phone, usually at least a few times a week, visited his office, and maybe even saw him tipsy a time or two at various island weekend events (odds are I was equally tipsy at such events), so I even ventured a first-person lede here.

Mayor looks back, forward

(Hilton Head Monthly 4/30/2010) The single angriest moment I ever witnessed from Mayor Tom Peeples during four years covering the town happened in a meeting on the contentious debate over limiting the airport’s future runway length in 2007 The meeting drew one of the largest crowds in town history into a standing-room-only council chambers as the public both for and against expansion gathered.
The debate wore on, the crowd grew restive and some skeptics shot jeers and boos at council members on the dais. With a sharp whack of the gavel, Peeples brought the room to silence, lifted his voice to its full-bodied boom and told the crowd they could either quiet down or get out. About half the room picked up and left.

The single most emotional moment I witnessed out of Peeples also came at the same meeting, a few minutes later. With the public comment portion of the hearing closed, council members were left to state their positions on the measure that would prevent the airport from expanding the runway without first getting town permission. As Peeples explained that the town was taking the controversial measure because it defended the core ideals of the island’s founders, his voice began to crack and waver, and it appeared, to those in the audience at least, that a few tears lined his eyes.

“It guarantees that you, the citizens of Hilton Head Island, can come to a public process just like this if there is a need to discuss lengthening the runway,” Peeples told the crowd. “Obviously the fact that so many people are here must (mean) that’s a good idea.”

That broad swing of emotions — transforming from forceful arbiter to spokesman for personal passion — is indicative of the balance Peeples struck over his 15 years as town mayor. Never too much a dyed-in-the-wool politician, Peeples positioned himself as a pragmatist and consensus builder, but wasn’t afraid to let people know when something went against what he saw as the values of Hilton Head that first drew him to the island and local politics many years ago.
Peeples made a surprise announcement in April that he won’t run for reelection this November after serving four terms. It opens up room for an exciting election season, and one that will usher in a new era of leadership for the town that has known the same mayor for more than half its lifetime.

READ THE REST because it’s got all the municipal government fun you can stand!