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Hail! Hail!

Weather keeps happening to New York!! Who would have thought? Dave and I were at Brazen Head last night when the skies unleashed, soundtracked the entire time by the bar’s resident townies who exclaimed, loudly, that all their life they’ve never seen anything like this in Brooklyn:

why hail-o!


Hail to the streets. Notice the river flowing down Atlantic Ave.

Clearly this entire hail storm was orchestrated so that we can all remember a tragically underrated song from the Pearl Jam’s unfairly forgotten 1996 album, No Code.

“Hail Hail”

For more pics and video, check out Brooklyn365.

Web clip: Turn cheap booze into festive holiday cocktails!

Miriam at the Brazen head hides our alcohol shame

Miriam at the Brazen helps hide our cheapness. Photos by Eric Reichbaum.

(from Brokelyn, 12/24) Here’s something we learned in our conversations with bartenders during these long winter nights: The holiday season, with all its clove-spiced sweetness, is the best time of year to get away with serving cheap booze to your guests. How cheap? Think off-brand honorifics belonging to rums (Admiral Nelson, U.S. Beverage Corps, ret.) or bourbons (Kentucky Gentleman, from the 35th happiest state!).

So let’s say you have some family or coworkers dropping by and need to pass yourself off as slightly less impoverished than you really are. Follow this advice from a few of our favorite bartenders—Francesca and Jessica at Park Slope’s High Dive, and Miriam at the Brazen Head—on how to pass off the cheapest booze in the store.

Read the rest, because Miriam will be sad if you miss her Fat Santa recipe