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Content is king, and everyone wants the crown

on a week of dealing with blog piracy

Blog pirates are on the move

Content piracy: not just for MSM any more! (foto via GayGamer)

One of the most common slights against the blogosphere (that word itself now somewhat of a slight as it segregates blogs into a shady lawless bubble separate from polite media society) is that bloggers are a parasitic bunch who take the output of hardworking journalists and adorn it with their own commentary, snark, derision, insights or, occasionally, supplemental information. This happens, as the trope goes, while bloggers concurrently deride the value of traditional media such as the Times and CNN, throwing hand grenades of viral discontent at the very hands that feed them (for no charge too).

This is no doubt true in many cases. The vampiric media syndrome is the bane of journalists who watch people tear their work to shreds on the internet, knowing full well that bloggers would have nothing to talk about if the New York Times, WSJ and so forth suddenly stopped publishing. Even on a large-scale, successful blog site, such as Gothamist, I’m not a fan. The Gothamist model essentially rounds up the interesting news items from the Times, Post, Daily News, NY1 and others and summarizes it for their audiences, adding a level of humor, snark or commentary (which is admittedly lacking from the big sources) and repackaging it in a more attractive way for the blog-savvy masses. Continue reading

blog piracy? [Jaws music]

Wholesale blog post repurposing? The noive!


[UPDATE: 4:05 pm: looks like they’ve taken down the Brokleyn content, but stuff from the other blogs still remains. They’ve hit some stuff in other cities too, such as SF’s Streetsbloghttp://blogs.city.com/sanfrancisco/candlelight-vigil-pays-tribute-to-bicyclist-killed-by-drunken-driver-in-sf/ and QueensCrap http://blogs.city.com/queens/photographing-helen/]

I mean, c’mon — the entire post? Not cool, brah. We weren’t alone of course:

Brownstoner: http://blogs.city.com/brooklyn/building-of-the-day-539-eastern-parkway/

Brooklyn Based: http://blogs.city.com/brooklyn/bookends-sponsored-post/

Greenpointers: http://blogs.city.com/brooklyn/quickie-calexico-coming-to-greenpoint/

and the others too.

The site seems to contain no original content, and has no “About” page.  So is this a ravenous site posing as an aggregator, with robotic levels of anonymity? Don’t think we can’t find you.

From their April launch release:

City.com Media, is a New York City based LLC that connects consumers with local businesses. The company earns revenues through search and display advertising, and will offer premium commercial services directly to businesses. City.com’s direct competitors include IAC’s CitySearch, Yelp, and Zagat.

From their terms agreement:

You hereby grant City and its affiliates a worldwide, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, fully sub licensable, and fully transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, prepare derivative works of, incorporate into other works, display, perform, and otherwise exploit Your Content for any purpose, including without limitation promoting and redistributing part or all of the Site (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels now known or later developed (“Downstream Distributions”).

Stay tuned kids. This could get fun.

Michael Bahlitzanakis, or something, at left

UPDATE 12:19 am: The site is owned by this guy — the one on the left — Michael Bahlitzanakis, a “serial entrepreneur, domainer and now developer,” according to (no joke):  DomainNameNews.com.

He’s the owner of BPHG Media, which has more than 4,000 “premium generics,” including weblog.com, city.com, prices.com and cellphones.com.

In the release, Bahlitzanakis says: “Our strategy has never wavered since our inception. We believe long-term value appreciation has always been expressed in the development of individual domain-independent businesses.”

MORE: Content is king, and everyone wants the crown

Web clip: How to be the only person over 16 at Great Adventure

Day trippin’ it: Great Adventure for a greater price

Don't scream! Save money on Great Adventure photo by Flickr user jasuellr(Brokelyn, 7/21) First thing you need to know about the amusement park in Jackson, NJ: it’s called Great Adventure, not “Six Flags.” The biggest regional theme park in the country, with its 13 roller coasters, drive-through safari and water park, puts lesser permutations of the Six Flags name to shame. It’s always been a fun place to go with your youth group or whatnot, with someone else picking up the tab. But can you, as a broke city kid, satiate your desire for summer thrills of the ultra high-velocity variety that Coney Island just can’t offer? You can! And here’s how:

One slight disclaimer: When we visited the park earlier this summer for the first time in a decade, we found it ain’t the imagination wonderland and cartoon-character forest of the past. Perhaps due to the company’s recent bankruptcy woes, Six Flags has sold basically every square inch of the park as ad space. The Great American Scream Machine? Yeah, those screams are brought to you by Axe body spray. Even the poor summer-job teens announcing ride safety rules have been reduced to shilling for Johnny Rockets.

But, despite all that, the park has Kingda Ka, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, which sends you hurtling 45 stories at 128 mph, which is, we can confirm, pretty freaking sweet.

READ THE REST and find out about the upcoming Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert

Brooklyn War Stories: Casualty of the Saturn edition

Battle of Brooklyn, still being fought to this day

Moving to Brooklyn war stories: if you’re here now, you’ve got em; I’ve got em, we all do, especially Mr. Darcy, who was bounced around our fine borough like a pinball with tourette’s syndrome during his first few months and can (and maybe will?) share stories of being woken up in a sublet by cops banging down the door and a horribly unfortunate end to an ill-fated internship at certain hippness-centric magazine (hint: its name is synonymous with “lechery.”)

Buddy Alex Weisler over at Brokelyn had an interesting idea: he’s starting his senior year at Penn State soon (managing editor of the Daily Collegian too: Student journalism represent!) and noted that, for many college kids these days, Brooklyn remains the shining holy city on the hill for post-graduation adventures, “a sort of hipster paradise of bloggers, vegans, flannel shirts and facial hair.”

To throw some ice water on those raging hard-ons for Brooklyn, he’s soliciting war stories about what it’s really like to throw yourself at the mercy of the county of Kings. All told, I had a pretty good streak of luck transforming from jobless-homeless-dollarless scalawag to semi-employed semi-housed NY-license holding resident (my main goal was to tread water, and I feel OK at least declaring this one a win).

But I did have one karmic slap-around of note. I sent it to Alex to run on the site (along with my picture again, apparently. … thanks gang). As per usual, I overwrote it by far, so here’s the full version, for your enjoyment or schadenfreude: Continue reading


In case you weren’t already aware via the 30-40 other social media/interactive/digital sites we probably share in common and toggle back and forth between every 10 to 20 seconds, Brokelyn, aka the blogspace that I’ve been writing, editing and shilling for over the past year, the origin of the assignments that have put me face-to-face with Martha Stewart, beamed across New York from Brian Lehrer’s table in high def, got me linked to by the New York Times, nearly sent a panel of brave beer tasters into a gassy coma, and resulted in some sort of blog fame, is celebrating the crap out itself tonight. And guess what? All that crap I just mentioned was unpaid, so we’re trying to make some money tonight. We’re also trying to get some money for the cash-strapped Brooklyn Public Library. If you don’t like us, surely you like reading. If you don’t like reading, perhaps you will enjoy these listings for The Human Centipede.

Our charity ball & RAFFLE: June 10

Firstbirthday-250x218cropHappy birthday to us! Can you believe it’s already been a year of Brokelyn? In just 12 months, we stalked Martha Stewart, told you how to sell your[redacted] online, couch-surfed, Dumpster swam,Crockpot gourmeted, price checked, deal-scouted, taste-tested, happy houred, flirted with aluminum poisoning from cheap beer tastings and much, much more. We also brought you the Brokelyn Beer Book and some great t-shirts in the process. We’re just getting started, but all this means only one thing… PARTY TIME (excellent)!

So what did you get us? Oh, I see… well it’s ok, because we’re getting you something. Clear your calendars and start rolling your pennies, because we’re throwing a bash for the ages, featuring fancy shmancy dress, some free booze and, the piece de resistance, THE RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY.


LIVE teevee debut!

Team Brokelyn and Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer, Faye Penn (on screen), Rocky Mills and some hobo they pulled in off the street

So someone pointed out that I’m slouching. But whatever, at least I wasn’t biting my nails or sneezing uncontrollably. Brokelyn was invited to come on Brian Lehrer Wednesday, and the link to the video podcast is at the bottom, if you’re interested. This certainly beats previous sorta-live TV appearances, via Fox News.

As I wrote for Brokelyn (which may or may not appear on the actual site, it’s too early to tell):

So, here’s the thing: if you invite writers from a website dedicated to finding the glory and guile of brokeness around every corner to come onto your Manhattan-based high-def TV show, you shouldn’t be surprised when one of them ransacks the green room free pastry plate and soda table (and makes a to-go plate on the way out).

Continue reading

Brian Lehrer is all right by me

wow, this blog is getting horribly self-promotional of late. But if you didn’t care, what’s stopping you from leaving?

Inverted Soapbox and Team Brokelyn will be on Brian Lehrer LIVE tonight at 7:30.

It’s NY cable channel 75, I hear, and I have to take the internet’s word for it because we have no television.

Show link, which doesn’t have much more info.

It’ll be available as a video podcast eventually. That’s right: you can finally have a tiny me in your pocket at all times.

Quotes about Brian Lehrer, from his show’s site:

“I listen to Brian Lehrer… Wow, I love that guy. I love the show.” – Jon Stewart  (in a speech at a New Yorker Magazine forum)

“Usually a pretty fair and smart guy” – Bill O’Reilly (on his show)

“You are it. You are the man.” – Thomas Friedman (on “The Brian Lehrer Show”)