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Friday Happy: Trash, go pick it up

In honor of a week where it was all trash-picking, all the time:

Morrissey covering the NY Dolls* classic “Trash,” live in Dallas 1991.

The week culminated in this: Water bottle bill boosts city recycling – and collectors’ profits, which was the first time my picture appeared in the Daily News since I was spotted getting into a limo outside Pumps with A-Rod and Suri Cruise. Continue reading

Didja know…

…Capt. Vegetable was from New Jersey? This whole time!

(via Matt Hitchens)

For all the hate New Jersey gets, I’ll take Garden State tomatoes at the farmer’s market over other veggies any day.

I like the kid Eddie who eats spaghetti is no less culpable for being unhealthy than the kid who eats candy. Is this why we raised a generation of carb-obsessed adults?

“Gee Capt. Vegetable, this is the best thing to come along since meatballs!”

How do you get to Sesame Street? Practice, practice, practice

When people ask if I like working at TJ’s, I usually say yes (depending on whether that question was preceded with the dreaded “Where is the end of the line?” inquiry, to which the only appropriate response is a throttling with the large neon-green sign that says indicates the END OF LINE), and the reason I say yes really boils down to one thing: nearly everyone who works at TJ’s doesn’t just work at TJ’s; they’ve all got some other pursuit outside the building that doesn’t quite cover the bills yet, which most often means music, acting, art, DJing, writing, but also includes pottery, jewelry making, graphic design and the occasional journalist here or there. The walls of 130 Court Street hold some serious creative talent, ensuring that it’s never a dull place to work, and never one where anyone can take the daily shortage of white bean hummus too seriously.The following is the best example to come along that I’ve had the pleasure to highlight.

These two videos are for a Sesame Street contest on the animation-sharing site Aniboom. The animation is by Mari Jaye Blanchard, one of the store’s artists who produced much of the large-scale art on the walls, with music by Mandy Heck (aka Akwarian Sea Rebel), and the second one features the voice of crew buddy James “Bones” Cunningham. The more views and votes they get, the better their chances of getting a deal with Sesame Street, so take a look at these, and think about how much you enjoyed these kinds of interstitial cartoons as a kid:

Inspector Nose Private Eye

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lonely Eleven

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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