Video Game Currency Exchange Rate

From Maxim (wait .. really? Maxim? Jessica Alba must have been spread eagle on this page somewhere and I just missed it) comes a fairly clever jab at the U.S. economy via the video games we used to buy when the economy wasn’t in the crapper and we could afford such things.

They made an exchange rate for various video game currencies as compared to real products you could buy in the non-digital world. For instance, 1 rupee from the Legend of Zelda is worth about $3. Or maybe more once you consider the astronomical Hyrule taxes levied on nearly all products to ensure the princess is constantly in flowing pink dresses. Maybe you should spend some of that tax on castle security there, your highness, so I don’t have to constantly be saving your ass from a guy who’s making a mockery of your rotating-door jail system propped up by a culture of corrupt wizard elders. I mean, c’mon!

read more, via Maxim.

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