Weather You Like Adam Carroll, It Will Still Rain

Starting in about, say, late May it becomes beyond irrelevant to check the weather forecast for here, because it does not change one iota from day to day. It’s a product of the oppressively hot Lowcountry summers, which mix with the air off the water and lead to sporadic, often intense, thunderstorms that will pop up at least once a day toward the latter part of the summer. My tab on Firefox gets dusty during this period, except when I occasionally check the radar map and see if a large blob of easy green or violent red is headed our way.

To illustrate:

Pretty much steady all week long. This is why I never get too bent out of shape when people worry about weekend plans being scrubbed due to rain, as it will reliably rain almost every day, and will usually clear up and return to surface-of-the-sun baking temperatures promptly. Except, of course, for Friday, when the torrential rains of heaven opened up conspiring to both make us miss out on ironically playing the Jesus-themed mini-golf course and laying the groundwork for an impressive, incapacitating hangover Saturday morning.

This was all part of the Adam Carroll (pictured below right) birthday plan, but only a small part. The real adventure comes this weekend on a seven-person adventure to the city of Hotlanta, where upon our eyes will feast on the wonder that is The Dark Knight in IMAX, then feast our bodies upon the nausea that is Six Flags. Meanwhile, his actual birthday is today, though unless I’m watching Christian Bale tower eight stories over me, I don’t think it counts yet.

And maybe Heath Ledger’s ghost will sing to Adam at some point. Anyway, happy birthday Adam. Let this image be your internet posterity that will forever haunt Google searches of you.

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