Vegan Zombie commerce


I feel guilty for not owning a Threadless shirt yet. But then again, I don’t feel guilty about not spending $20 (plus shipping) on a T-shirt, no matter how witty and full of hipster cred it may be. The cut off for T-shirt expenditures for me is like $15. I think the last non-thrift store, non-event or roller derby based T-shirt I purchased was in 2001 from Brave New World in TR. Actually, I think my mom bought it for me. Ah, the days when my wardrobe consisted only of name-brand, overpriced surfwear that I had to convince my mom was worth the investment. How foolish they seem now.

Shortly afterward, I discovered the word of The Skinny Fit Shirt and descended deep into its tight, ironic core. I have yet to emerge.

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