Exceptional Publicity

Effing. Fantastic. Just got this e-mail back from Ted Leo’s folk:

From: Touch and Go Quarterstick
Sent: Mon 9/8/2008 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: Ted Leo comes to the posh rock

Hey T –

GREAT to hear from you. Teddy isn’t really doing press but I’ll make an exception for you! Hilton Head needstaknow! 🙂

Will 9/15 work for you?

That’s right: Ted Leo isn’t doing interviews, but they’re making an exception for the small newspaper on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Because, even though it may kill us, reducing our bodies to chunky ash residue that will be used to fertilize the fairway of the 8th hole at Heron Point, we’re going to force this place to accept the punk. LEARN IT. KNOW IT. LIVE IT.

If I can quote the ever estimable Jeff Vrabel: “EAT (poo), PITCHFORK

Also, even if they didn’t set up the interview, I still have his cell phone number in my phone from our interview two years ago. Stalker much? Maybe a little. But I’ve never called it, not even drunk.

4 responses to “Exceptional Publicity

  1. I have Cappadonna from Wu Tang in my phone. I should give him a buzz come to think of it.

    I think a Ted Leo/Disco Vietnam show needs to happen and you’re the guy to make it happen.

  2. I accidentally called Jumpin Joe Wilson’s celly one night at the bar. He didn’t answer.

  3. Once the interview's over and the story's up, call those sniffling, charisma-free, matted-hair, thick-frame-glasses wearing music-version-of-sexless-D&D-twerps at Pitchfork and tell them to stuff their throat with a heaping helping of Packet. Then go tell them about how you've kissed girls, and rank them using pipsqueak decimal figures.

  4. Well I’ll be damned. Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

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