Trivia team names for the week

• A Really Cool Potamus
• Large Hard-on Collider*
• I Went To Four Fewer Colleges Than Sarah Palin
• Do You Know How Many Times I’ve Had to Look Up How to Spell ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ In the Past Week?
• Hank Paulson’s Deal or No Deal Suitcase
• The Cleveland Browns Won’t Give Me the Finger
• Clarence was a Dapper Sight Astride his Four-Legged Friend+
• Nature: 2; Stuck Up Bitch: Zero

*Used in competition and rewarded with free beers
+ Won’t make any sense if I explain it either

One response to “Trivia team names for the week

  1. Jonathan Cribbs

    Dude, I always kinda liked Paris Hilton.

    True: I am watching “The Karate Kid,” and they’re jumping on the trampoline and getting their photos taken at the arcade.

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