Your E-Mail Provider is Terrible

If your e-mail has an ad at the bottom of it when I open it, please stop sending me electronic communication until you resolve this matter. Either set your computer on fire, return to sending hand-written letters or switch to freaking Gmail already. Not using Gmail at this point is like being the only proto-human in the cave who refused to stop using their appendix. Let’s evolve and move on already.

I’m far from the only one who thinks this. Blogger Adam Singer of The Future Buzz (a site about online marketing, social media and all things 2.woah) has some solid advice for knuckle draggers. And he’s a professional, people, not just some clown spouting off a grudge after opening another work e-mail from an an oldster’s crusty AOL account:

I will be perfectly honest. When I see people with an, or address they instantly lose any and all tech credibility with me. I’ve had discussions with several people on this, and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I have used and experimented with quite a few of the free, web-based email services. Let me save you a lot of time: Gmail is above and beyond the best.

Using web-based email is a great portability solution for your email, whether it is for personal or business use. However, Gmail is light years ahead of AOL, Hotmail and Comcast. It boggles my mind that anyone still uses them (I single out these other brands of webmail because they are so popular).

He also lambastes the in-email ads of the other services. And, let’s be serious, in this world where we probably soon won’t be able to open a toilet without seeing a pop-up ad for refinancing mortgages, can’t we all agree we should cut down on the intrusiveness of ads wherever possible?

UPDATE: Orlando Sentinel tech writer extraordinaire (and one-month away from husbandhood) Etan Horowitz wrote a guide last week for users who want e-mails. He also agrees Gmail is tops. Again: Back off man, he’s a professional.

One response to “Your E-Mail Provider is Terrible

  1. i want to change but it’s a big transition. not to mention there are no decent emails available for my name. I’m not going with Hotmail isn’t nearly as bad as AOL. Not to mention go fuck yourself.

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