John McCain: So Lost Without You

A McCain/Palin mailer arrived in our mailbox one day last week. As we do with all political mailings, I put it on display in a prominent position in our living room. Just so happens we already had a copy of Air Supply’s 1985 self-titled album atop our entertainment center (you can ask why we had this there, but I assure you there is no good reason for it, other than its milk-crate-and-mullet combo called out to me from the thrift store rack). I placed the mailer atop the album and sat on the couch when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a near-perfect convergence of necklines and head space over the bodies of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock:

Here are the originals:

And there’s more: the same week this arrived in the mail, Air Supply is scheduled to perform right here on Hilton Head. Coincidence?? Or secret crap-rock right wing cabal? The only way to find out is to go to the concert, so we will never, ever, ever know the answer.

Also, if you hit play on the album at the beginning of McCain’s convention speech, “All Out of Love” syncs up perfectly with the last two weeks of his campaign.

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