The Outworld vote is on lock

I’ve been bothered by the suprising lack of Baraka references during this election, particularly as all the discussion of “taking the gloves off” and “shoving knives into the other guy’s throat” really ramped up in the past few weeks.

Finally, the kids over at OMG Lists (a site I appreciate for its unrepentant embrace of the quick-hit list meme that other sites try to disguise as sound research or, worse yet, journalism) have got my back.

6 Awesome Characters With Names Like Barack

2- Baraka from ”Mortal Kombat”

How they’re similar:

They’ve both been accused of hanging out with the wrong crowd. Barack has been criticized for “palling around” with former terrorist William Ayers, while Baraka has been proven to be an associate of definite dark overlord Shao Khan.

How they’re different:

Barack may be strong, but he doesn’t have large blades growing out of his arms. Otherwise, those ”terrorist fist jabs” would hurt.

This list also makes sweet reference love to Brak from Space Ghost and Brock Sampson from The Venture Brothers. All of this is a very important element of our political discourse, especially since it appears we are entering the “FINISH HIM” stage of the election.

Side note: I think Michelle would probably look pretty deadly in the Jade outfit. Just saying.

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