Best Halloween Costumes?

Question for everyone who reads this thing (Hi mom and Barry!): what’s your best Halloween costume ever?

I had a pretty sweet set up as a kid since my mom was into sewing and was always up for the challenge every year. Off to the Rag shop we’d jaunt in early October and pick out a pattern along with associated cloth and other materials. This led to many intricate, often awesome costumes that included:
• Batman
• Beetlejuice
• Astronaut (excellent use of the Ghostbusters proton pack toy as a space prop)
• Mummy (though the ensemble was unconvincing in the rain jacket my dad made me wear)
And many others I’m forgetting now. Then I got into the mask phase, the highlight of which was the year I went as a werewolf in a mask WITH EYES THAT LIT UP RED!! Some kind of jawesome, that was.

But here’s my best:

• The Pink Panther
Yes, I understand that maybe this sounds a little Proposition 8-ish now, but first of all I was 7, so calm the hell down, and more importantly, this costume blew the doors off the competition. I used to bring it to summer camp for costume contest day and endured the brutal summer heat to come out victorious three years in a row. Then I finally lost to one of the camp counselor’s kids who was dressed as something dumb like Raggedy Ann or something. Funny how those kinds of things happen.

I always went back and forth between Halloween and Christmas as my favorite holidays growing up. Halloween rises to the top of the holiday pile solely because it’s the only holiday that really makes you exercise your creativity muscles.
I’ll post my costume this year here once it all comes together. Also, I’d like to note that I dressed as the Joker in sophomore year, LONG BEFORE Heath Ledger was even wooing Julia Stiles. And I was good, damnit.

So in the spirit of the most creative holiday, what’s your best?

3 responses to “Best Halloween Costumes?

  1. My best costume ever was probably in the eighth grade, when I painted red lesions on a bunch of fake fish, then sewed them to a blue sweatshirt I made to look like it had mud and seagrass on it. I then declared myself to be “pfisteria,” which was a pig-poop-fueled bacterium wreaking havoc on the Chesapeake at the time.

    Not surprisingly, I was considered a pretty huge dork at that Halloween party.


    I’ve had some pretty good ones. Today I’m a rabbi; last year I was “Investment Banker Yoda” (little known fact: Yoda had to take a quick job with his dad’s firm after the Clone Wars to pay off a predatory sub-prime mortgage loan or his hut on Dagobah would go into foreclosure).

    But nothing will ever top the Mardi Gras costumes based solely on Pete Early’s reaction to them. He seemed genuinely amused and that felt good.

  3. Tim,
    Thank you yet again for making me laugh so hard I snorted soda out of my nose. Please tell me there are pictures of you as the Pink Panther.

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