Election day update

Spotted these three girls outside a church mid-island today. They’re too young to vote (17, 16 and 17) so they got permission to take off school for the day to wave signs in front of a polling place. They had been flipped off seven times (that’s middle finger x 7) as of about 10:45 this morning.

But they also got a lot of honks, notably (in the few minutes I stood there) from semi-trailer trucks.

“We got the Panera truck,” one of them said. What a great way to encourage young people to be involved in the process by giving them the middle finger or screaming at them on the side of the road. America!!

I’m actually just posting these pictures here so I can link to them from the live blog I’m doing for the Packet’s web site. Yes, our technology is that bad. But literally 10s of readers are dying to know.

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