Obama victory celebration videos nationwide

Nov. 4, 2008: the night America officially lost its damned mind with excitement.

These videos are insane. It’s hard to watch these and not be struck by the sheer physical force and tangible participation evident in the process this time. I heard NPR state it plainly earlier tonight: you aren’t seeing toasts in Democratic party headquarters or hotel ballrooms this time; it’s in the streets, streaming out of doorways into the night into a celebrated commonality of experience. No matter what you thought of Obama, I think that causes you to pause for a moment.

On the New York City subway:

Down Penn. Ave. in Washington, right next to the White House:

More D.C.:


Broad Street in Philly

Singing the national anthem at Illinois State University:

Downtown Berkeley:

And maybe the best, a massive Cupid Shuffle outside MLK’s church in the ATL:

The list goes on and on. I’m sure YouTube will continue to fill up with these videos overnight. Hot damn citizen journalism is great sometimes. Hard to watch these celebrations and not be immediately reminded of the ye olden Terp riots from aught three. Except, you know, less fire and tits and pepper spray.

I’m trying to think of anything in my lifetime that has generated such a spontaneous, country wide celebration. The release of the last Harry Potter book maybe? It’s like Oprah single-handedly won the World Cup out there.

One response to “Obama victory celebration videos nationwide

  1. we did not videotape our street celebration here in charlottesville, but it was similarly amazing. I’m still in shock. I want to remember last night forever!

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