Trivia team names for the week

Ok, so I haven’t actually gone to a trivia night since moving to NY, but it’s not like I should be using my brain for other things like, you know, looking for a job or something.

Kafka’s Proctologist
Enter This Boy Soul*
Shellfish is an Obamanation
That Baby is a Dick
Liquid Meat
What Will Movies Spin for Dramatic Points Once Newspapers Die?
Just What In the Hell, Illinois?
Bill Murray Washed My Dishes
Brown Bagging is the New Cosmopolitan
Give Us Our New Bike Already
Hobo Fire Building 101
The Great Depression: Now in Color!

And, one of the best I’ve heard in a long time, from team Hilton Head in my absentia:
One and a Half Thumbs Up

*Say it quickly now

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