Hi I’m a Mac, and I’m soaking wet

Turns out Chris the Giant and I were in the same showing of Slumdog Millionaire last night with Justin Long, BKA the Mac guy. This accounts for my first celebrity interaction in the city (well, after Common, I guess). But more importantly, my degree of separation from Jonah Hill is now down to 1.

Here’s what happened. We attended a late showing at the Angelika Theater on West Houston Street last night, amid a torrential rain storm that proved, despite what your science teachers and Jim Cantores of the world have told you for years, it can be well into the 20s and still refuse to stop raining. I went to the bathroom after the movie and when I returned, Giganti said, “Hey, I think that’s the guy from the Mac ads over there. Also from Live Free or Die Hard.”

Where? I asked, immediately arming my archers of skepticism to shoot down his presumptions. This had happened before of course, with Giganti once (and still adamantly to this day) making the absurd claim that he saw Lauren Ambrose drunkenly stumbling down the streets of Savannah about two years ago.

“He just walked out the door.” So we followed and to my surprise it was indeed Justin Long, hunching his shoulders into his coat as he headed out into the cold rain. So I ran up and talked to him briefly. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Hey, can I ask what you thought of the movie?
Justin Long: Yeah, sure. I thought it was really great. I really enjoyed it. It was amazing.
Me: Cool man. My name’s Tim.
Justin Long: Justin, nice to meet you man. (I wonder if a lot of people probably think his name is “Mack,” I thought. We shook hands).
Me: Dude, can I just say, Accepted is a totally, totally underrated movie.
Justin Long: Oh thanks man. Yeah, we worked really hard on that one so I appreciate it.
Me: It doesn’t get the credit it deserves. But just know that a bunch of us out there dig it.
Justin Long: Thanks man, thanks a lot.
Me: Keep it up.
Justin Long: Sure — thanks, take it easy Tim.

He was with some girl, very much not Drew Barrymore, though in honesty I probably still would have been more interested in talking to him even if he was with Drew Barrymore.

The weirdest part about running into him last night was that on Wednesday, I pretty much had my mind set all day on going to the Barnes and Noble in Park Slope to see John Hodgman , aka “PC,” speak about his new book. But then I got a migraine and took one of those pills that are either 80 percent placebo or 100 percent concentrated Nyquil-lined opium, and passed out for two hours. But either way, those pills work blackout good.

And, FYI, Slumdog Millionaire is gigantically well done.

I was pretty disgustingly wet by time I got home last night, so much that I had to drape clothes over the space heater. But even in the worst storm, it’s usually worth venturing out into the rain to see what New York has to offer that night.

6 responses to “Hi I’m a Mac, and I’m soaking wet

  1. Great story Tim. It reminded me that I had no less than 4 celebrity encounters/conversation in my 2.5 month stay in New York back in ’02.

    Those celebrities being:

    Dave Chapelle
    Mos Def
    Bill Pullman

    But nothing as interesting as this:)

  2. I think your brain has Vista

  3. Probably the most sublime conversation in the whole movie:

    Uncle Ben: Right or left?
    Glen: Right.
    Uncle Ben: Whose right?
    Glen: Your call.
    Uncle Ben: You’re an idiot!
    Glen: Your upset. Go with what you feel. You got about 12 feet.
    [Trailer hits a tree]
    Glen: Perfect
    Uncle Ben: Asshole.

  4. Jeff Barnes

    What are these migraine pills you speak of?

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  6. “I hope you guys have hobo stab insurance.”

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