Cobble Hill tea shop Bedazzled by Orlando Jones

I’m in the Tea Lounge on Court St. right now where the counter dude is talking about how Orlando Jones came in yesterday. He recounted the following conversation, as overheard by me:

Employee: Dude, should I know you?
OJ: I don’t know, should you?
Employee: Dude, I think I know you from somewhere.
OJ: Yeah, we used to date
Employee: I really recognize you. Are you famous?
OJ: I don’t know, am I?

Then the two employees launched an extended conversation about Orlando’s D-list celebrity status (I think he’s a C at least people, c’mon) and the movie Evolution, which, as you will recall, was unmemorable save for the glorious return to the limelight for Michael “Donkey Lips” Bower, who was last previously spotted in a contestant pool on Singled Out in 1995 (true story).

Was Orlando Jones here for the filming of the special Drumline episode of Gossip Girl? No, he was just going to see a movie at the cinema across the street, according to the employee. His choices were: Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, Rachel Getting Married or Bolt.

On a related note, I had pomegranate-flavored 7-up with Seagram’s 7 on Saturday night. I don’t remember anything being wrong with regular 7-up, but pomegranate up yours was acceptable.

[Hey, apparently Orlando Jones went to College of Charleston but didn’t get a degree. Who knew?]

2 responses to “Cobble Hill tea shop Bedazzled by Orlando Jones

  1. Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump

    Drumline loved it and the best part about it that VH1 plays it ever day….Later Nick Huba

  2. Joe Peschi (is that how you spell it?) was at the OC mall yesterday

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