OMFG: Gossip Girl spotted in Brooklyn

Walking around Court Street yesterday before work, I kept seeing these large, rather fancy looking trailers lining the streets. At first I thought it was portable bathrooms for a nearby construction project, but then I noticed they were lining several blocks. Other guesses were that they were some sort of blood mobile, or maybe a portable STD clinic for the homeless, or perhaps, since they had fancy wooden doors attached at the entrances, some sort of roving home goods show of kitchen fixtures, Formica counter tops and bathroom sealants. I was tempted to walk in one to see what sort of public offerings were inside, but I’m still deferential to my limited knowledge of the machinations of the city. For all I know, those trailers were no big deal, no one in the neighborhood even notices them any more, and they just come by every week to offer free lube in preparation for the upcoming subway fare hike stiffie.

Way off. Turns out, they’re filming Gossip Girl in the nabe this week. I stumbled across the scoop on Cobble Hill Blog. Here’s some of their pictures:

This would be much more interesting if I A) had any idea who any of the people on Gossip Girl were; or 2) knew anything in the world about the show other than it seems to be another example of our culture’s maddening idolatry of the lives of wealthy, spoiled douchebags and douchebaggettes.*

Here’s a completely out-of-context quote I just found online:
Chuck: Archibald. Isn’t it about time you ended this bromance? What happens at Yale stays at Yale.
Nate: [to Dan] Hey man, let’s go.

Meeting Justin Long was way cooler.

*I’m curious — can anyone who watches this tell me how this stacks up on the brain activity scale against the Laguna Beach/The Hills crap?

4 responses to “OMFG: Gossip Girl spotted in Brooklyn

  1. Gossip Girl is infinitely more entertaining than Laguna Beach/The Hills. The Hills grosses me out; it’s slow and vapid and boring. Gossip Girl astounds me with the intricacies of their ridiculously campy storylines. I don’t know who comes up with these complex (dare I say engrossing?), backstabby/doucebaggy plots, but I’d like to shake their hand.

    The show also doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s campy and ridiculous and it knows it.

  2. I am in agreement with Alissa. “Gossip Girl” is pretty fantastic. Although they could have been shooting nearly anything, they were likely shooting scenes involving Dan or his sister, both of whom live in Brooklyn with their father who was a grunge-era pop musician in the ’90s.

    And their “OMFG” ad campaign was one of the most fantastic I’ve seen for a television show because Alissa is right: they don’t really give a fuck. It’s probably the worst thing a teenager could watch.

  3. Tim A. Donnelly

    I’m glad at least they don’t take themselves too seriously. I’ll be more excited though when I find them shooting Flight of the Concords somewhere.

  4. Plus, Blake Lively is ab-SURD.

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