Vigilante copy editing

Where own risk?

Where own risk?

At the Atlantis Laundromat on Atlantic Ave. The world still needs copy editors, continued. But they did have a still-functional California Speed machine, so I let it slide. The broken Marvel vs. Capcom game next to it was a box of sadness, however.

If all other pursuits fail in New York City, maybe I can work as a vigilante copy editor. I guess I  have that subconscious compulsion as is, like when I pulled out my marker to correct a “first come, first serve” error on a sign at work yesterday. New York seems to have more poorly edited signs than journalism job opportunities right now.

There’s already a character called The Question, though his heroism is

Who were The Question?

Who were The Question?

neither punctuation- nor syntax- nor grammar-related. But he is a ruthless absolutist, as all good copy editors should be.

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