A “link” worth “clicking” on

Goddamn it, I need to start acting on these ideas when I first get them:

The “Blog” of Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Unnecessary punctuation is one of my favorite quirks in popular signage, and written language in general. If you’ve ever read any L. Ron Hubbard, which you surely have, because Tom Cruise is kinda getting tired of explaining the whole thing to you on YouTube at this point, you will understand why the nation suffered a shortage of exclamation marks during the 1980s.

“Scare” quotes tend to appear far too often in advertising, and occasionally in professional writing.

So maybe keep an eye out for the vigilante copy editing blog coming soon (patent pending patent pending).

2 responses to “A “link” worth “clicking” on

  1. I am also sometimes “guilty” of superfluous quotation marks . However, I rarely use them to emphasize words like the signs on the linked blog.

    Also, I like the copy-editing idea. To make it truly vigilante, you need to surreptitiously paste corrected signs over the offending words. It could become a nation-wide movement involving unemployed journalists looking to fill their days.

    I’ll start with the “15 Items or Less Fewer” signs in grocery stores.

  2. Damn. The strikeout tag doesn’t work in comments.

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