The all-time Kidz Bop highlight

And to think I almost forgot yesterday about this: the crazy intense kid from the Kidz Bop “Since U Been Gone” video.

since u been on Ritalin

since u been on Ritalin

Thanks to Barry Schwartz for the reminder.

See the whole video here, which is another example of the liberal, animal-coddling media’s terrible poisoning of our nation’s youth, as it teaches kids that if you invite dangerous jungle animals into your bedroom, they will play your favorite song and let you sing the chorus, not chew and digest your tweenage flesh, made all the more tender by all that jumping around on your bed, despite how many times your parents have told you not to.

Actually, this video is kind of like a modern day “Take on Me,” except in color and filmed right after some Asian kid was pumped full of amphetamines and told if he screamed loud enough, his parents would not be dipped in Sweet Baby Ray’s and fed to the tiger doing splits on stage.

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