You’re fat cuz you’re fat

I sat here for a few minutes trying to think of something to write before posting this link,  but I couldn’t come up with anything really, except this: there are some days more than others when I’m glad to be a vegetarian. This happens to be one of those days.

This Is Why You’re Fat

Somewhere deep within the hills of Alaska, an avalanche is being set off as Jeremy Hsieh’s stomach grumbles, shaking the very earth itself with desire. Jeremy Hsieh, for the uninitiated, is the man who deep fried bacon last year, then used a picture of himself holding the plate of supercooked pig flesh as his headshot when auditioning as an extra for the latest Nicholas Sparks movie being filmed in Charleston. He got the part. Then lost the money on a casino riverboat. The bacon, however, will be with him forever.

Hsieh, get on submitting some of your “deliciously gross” food ASAP. We all know you have some.

Thanks to Lauren Golfer for the link

One response to “You’re fat cuz you’re fat

  1. Deep fried bacon just came up in my newsroom. Coincidentally it was a half-step in conversation away from talk of a passover seder, where I’m pretty sure pig in any form is verboten.

    Anyway, I’ve been tasked with making it for my birthday/liberal jewish co-worker’s passover seder.

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