Friday Happy: Neko Case hates your skinny jeans

Because Fridays are for happy, and I’ve been angry enough to tear the lips off an angel this week. This entry is in large part for therapy as I had to spend several hours in the past week researching, listening and talking to a certain indisputably awful cock rock band from Oklahoma City (whose name I won’t mention here out of fear their PR people will pick up on the reference, but it rhymes with Kinder, has a “cat fight photos” section on its web site and looks something like this):

Yeah. As expected the interview was largely terrible and predictable, conducted with a band member who had nothing more interesting to say than how fast the band can kill a bottle of Jager before a show. They’re playing a show on Hilton Head, and the red state rockers will probably eat it up.

My consolation throughout this whole affair was that there’s a possibility I will get to interview Neko Case soon in advance of her April 3 concert in Savannah. My rage at the thought of someone of the caliber of Neko Case coming to the Savannah area long after I’ve moved away is being pushed far down to repressed childhood trauma levels for now.

So here’s a video of Neko telling boys to stop wearing stupid girls pants already, because, as she says, they have no ass and it “looks like the front of a mastadon,” followed by singing “Star Witness.”

Case is mercifully unpretentious on stage and in her albums, so getting to talk to her would be a pleasant experience. Also, her new album, Middle Cyclone comes out March 3, and is a strong contender for album cover of the year:

Neko album or Tarantino poster?

Neko album or Tarantino poster?

Though this new Morrissey album cover may challenge it:

put the baby back, Steve

put the baby back, Steve

2 responses to “Friday Happy: Neko Case hates your skinny jeans

  1. You wrote this just for me, didn’t you Mr. Donnelly? Friday Happy indeed.

  2. I am interviewing Neko this afternoon and couldn’t be more excited! (and nervous)….

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