WordPress is unaware it exists

Off-topic laughable discovery of a moment ago: WordPress’ spell checker does not recognize the word “blog.” Suggestions include: “bog log blag bloc biog bldg blow blob blot clog.”

Blag? Bldg? But not blog? That’s enough to bloc up the intertubes with a back log blob of bad clogs.

I love this. It’s like Microsoft Word not recognizing the word “processor,” or NeoOffice not recognizing the phrase “cripplingly long-loading unwieldy waste of disk space application.”

“Blag,” fyi, means: A means of obtaining something by trick or deception; An armed robbery; Fake, not genuine; To steal; To deceive, to perpetrate a hoax; “You’re wearing a blag designer shirt!”

Not to be confused with Rod Blag’s Rad Blog. He certainly tried to blag his way into some cash for that Senate seat, for sure.

One response to “WordPress is unaware it exists

  1. Thanks B ill Safire.

    By the way, that Kelly chick is not hot. She’s kind of grimy.

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