Baby, you’re born to run

Reasons Why I’m Glad I Left My Newspaper Job Even Though I Currently Stock Cans at Night and Am Still Struggling to Break Into the Harsh New York Freelance Writing Market:

1) Romenesko this morning:

Sacramento Bee | McClatchy
McClatchy says the job cuts, which will start by the end of the first quarter, will come through attrition, consolidating and outsourcing some functions and will include about $30 million in severance costs. || Read the release.

2) e-mail from Island Packet HR director today (from an inside source):

There will be two employee meetings tomorrow, held in the front conference room at 10 AM and 4 PM.   They will address the cost cutting measures our newspapers will be taking to help us fight against the declining economy.

Please make plans to attend one of the meetings.

My advice to said source: get absolutely bombed at lunch before meeting. I mean, what are they gonna do, fire you? Take that severance and run baby run.

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