Friday Happy: 30 Rocks

I’ve been slow going with posting this week as I’ve been adjusting to a new day schedule, which, conveniently, has come in time to put me indoors as the 60-degree days arrive. Also, it’s hard to type right now since my right pinky is grossly swollen due to a Totally Awesome Decision last night to demonstrate juggling prowess using bocce balls. This may have been in some correlation to the $12 grab-bag bucket of cheap beers including such favorites as Stroh’s and Shmidt, which we can only assume was the off-brand Shlitz.

Muppet Liz Lemon

Muppet Liz Lemon

ANYWAY… I got caught up on 30 Rock this week and watched the “Apollo Apollo” episode with the great Muppet-vision clips. I did some Googling after watching it and found out it wasn’t the first time 30 Rock and Muppets have mashed up. Sesame Street did a “30 Rocks” episode this summer that is actually kinda funny in its own, particularly the Jack character.

“I’m the boss Lemon. You count the rocks.”

Further proof that Muppets make everything always better anytime.

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