Friday Happy: How does she know it’s spring?

It’s spring time in New York! Finally! Maybe? Sort of … OK, it’s true I did look out my window Wednesday morning and sent a harsh curse flying loudly over Flatbush Avenue as I realized the stuff falling from the sky was snow and not free samples from the ice cream trucks I’ve already seen around the neighborhood. Despite that, the weather has finally been getting better and the optimism of spring is pushing through in colorful bursts on cherry blossoms and trees lining the streets of Brooklyn. Springtime in New York shakes out claustrophobia and removes the tarps from whole new large swaths of the city awaiting the rebirth of activity and energy.

It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to run into the park singing to steel drum beats. Maybe with an elaborate musical set up. Maybe with surprisingly spry septagenarians. Maybe like this:

This is from the 2007 Disney film Enchanted, a movie that was unfortunately written off by some as trite holiday family fare when it was released (though critics raved about it).This is a shame as the movie was the most self-aware examination of that decades-old genre formula ever attempted,  sh0wing the beloved studio had a sense of ironic playfulness, even some dry, if not sincere, cynicism.

And it still is kinda sweet, really clever in parts, with a particularly hilarious scene of New York City rats called in to help clean an apartment in typical Diz movie fashion.

It’s certainly far from the worst movie Patrick Dempsey could make. OK, I only went to see it in the theater with my mom at the end of a particularly depressing Thanksgiving weekend, and the movie star here is …uh.. you know … like, devastating, and the real-life Disney princess thing piles on added factors of attractiveness that makes my brain steam just contemplating the advanced math of it all (the redhead was the hottest of the bunch too. Ariel. Admit this, as you know it already to be true in your heart).

Best part of the video: Cyclops getting run over by Central Park bikers. Happy spring, and see you in the park.

2 responses to “Friday Happy: How does she know it’s spring?

  1. “Oh, a ball? That would be fun!”

    “That would not be fun.”

  2. I “Made of Honor” really the worst? I haven’t seen many Dempsey movies. “Made of Honor” wasn’t so much bad as terribly mediocre. Like, not even nice and fun mediocre like “27 Dresses.”

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