Actual Occurences: I don’t have a problem with you shopping here, I do have a little problem with you not shopping here

Part of the Trader Joe’s corporate philosophy is that it doesn’t advertise at all. It relies on word of mouth to get people into the store, and saves the money it would spend on advertising to cut costs elsewhere (like, paying health insurance for its employees).

But if it did advertise, it should probably include something like this:



Good enough for Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s mom, good enough for the rest of Brooklyn.

Mrs. McGirt was identified in the store Saturday afternoon when Dave noticed an older woman wearing an ODB T shirt. Not terribly unheard of in Brooklyn, but still worthy of comment. Dave told her he liked her shirt.

“Yeah,” she said, “that’s my boy.”

Another employee who rang her up later confirmed her name on her credit card as Cherry Jones, ODB’s momma. Not sure what she bought, seeing as we were fresh out of organic free range neck proteckors.

Here’s a video of Ms. Jones talking about Oh Dee Bee’s connections to the neighborhood and how he just liked being one of the people.

“Dirty was never considered as famous. Never. Cause he never left Brooklyn. We lived in midst of the people. He took trains. And buses, not limos.”

Then after the store closed at night, someone turned off the regular rotation of ’80s muzak and put on Ghostface’s “Ironman” album. It was a pretty good day at work.

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