Friday Happy: No Confessions, No Religion

Today’s Friday Happy goes out to Chris Giganti, who is still recovering from quite a shocking lesson this week about the perils of trying to find some modern love in the big apple. But tries, Oh he tries, and at least he puts himself out there.

Modern Love is also, of course, the Greatest Hipster Dance Song of All Time (sorry, LCD Soundsystem). Unless of course you hear it 47 times  a day on the perpetually 80s-tuned muzak at your work. It’s a testament to how much I enjoy this song that I can still bear to hear it. Can’t say the same for “Some Like It Hot” however.

Side note: why was it ever acceptable for music videosthat were just filmed concert performances? I mean, I like seeing Bowie dance as much as the next person, but choreographed sax players is something I rarely need in my life.

And hey, remember music videos? Nostalgia!

One response to “Friday Happy: No Confessions, No Religion

  1. strange. I don’t see my name in this post.

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