The Freelance National Anthem

Thanks to Kathlyn for the link:

selected lyrics:

But if one day all those employees lost their jobs one thing is true

One day later they’d be saying they had all gone ‘freelance’ too


Benefits are hard to come by

and the money’s not enough;

But our treasure is the endless

joy of working in the buff

Oh if only I could call myself a full-time freelancer. Full time generator of rejection letters from NY-area publications is more apt. But at least I have health insurance.

You can buy the song here, if, um, for some reason you felt the need to do that. Or you can send me 99 cents and we’ll never talk about it again.

Side note: was at a party Easter Sunday in Bushwick where I met some TJ’s faithful from years back. A woman who worked for the company for several years before becoming a lawyer said to me: “One of the things I’ve always noticed about TJ’s people is that they have some other pursuit they’re doing that they don’t really get paid for. So what’s yours?”

Journalist, I said.

“Oh!” she said, genuine surprise apparent. “That’s a new one.”

I mean, I guess I get paid for what I am able to do, but lots of my effort to make something out of it is still just struggling against the raging current, I said.

Mostly, it’s painters and artists and musicians and stuff who work there, which is true in my brief experience there as well.

Then she immediately began extolling the virtues of her ‘husband’ in the other room, leading to a direct correlation to the decline of my level of interest in the conversation and scrubbing the mission to flirtation that had amassed on the launch pad of a half-drunk confidence-boosting evening.

Good times.

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