This Week in Great Sentences

So, in just eight short weeks, thousands of peripatetic children and


Vertiginous view

perspiring parents and elderly aunts from Omaha who drew the short straw on their trip to New York will once again be able to work their way up the low-railed and vertiginous, not-so-slightly claustrophobic, 12-story-high stairway to her crown.”

Michael Powell, NYT, To Hardy, Lady Liberty’s Crown Beckons Anew, 5/9/09

ver·tig·i·nous (vr-tj-ns)


1. Turning about an axis; revolving or whirling.
2. Affected by vertigo; dizzy. See Synonyms at giddy.
3. Tending to produce vertigo: “my small mind contained in earthly human limits, not lost in vertiginous space and elements unknown” Diana Cooper.
4. Inclined to change quickly; unstable. (source:


AND the story even gets in the parenthetical reporter’s first-person perspective, also worthy of kudos:

“(This correspondent recalls the precise moment his mother ended a July ascent: She gazed at a young son and two daughters expertly torturing one another and at a line that stretched endlessly up; that way, she knew, lay madness).”

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  1. This would make a great recurring column.

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