For the New York Times to place this sticker:


on the same page as this note:

cityWhich says:

“This is the last issue of The City. Starting next weekend, to consolidate local coverage and reduce costs, it will be replaced by a new section, Metropolitan, a showcase for distinctive writing, ambitious photography and innovative storytelling about New York and its suburbs. The new section will include some features from The City as well as the television listings now located in the back of the main news section.”

Also cut: Escapes, which, I admit, I had a hard time differentiating from “Travel.” More on the cuts here.

Balls. Unless the 50 percent off was in reference to the amount of content you will be receiving with your home subscription.

2 responses to “Ballsy

  1. You think that’s bad, The Baltimore Sun will “reduce editing and homogenize national and international news” by include modules of pre-edited stories piped in from Chicago Tribune headquarters. That means local editors aren’t allowed to modify it or focus on local-aspects. They can’t even correct mistakes. All this so they could cut most of their layout and copy-editing staff in Baltimore and beyond.

    Oddly enough, the Baltimore City Paper has a pretty good story on it here.

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