Tonight! Trader Joe’s Brooklyn music showcase

It’s an (almost) all Trader Joe’s Brooklyn musical showcase!

Goodbye Blue Monday
is a sweet little book-store/venue in Bushwick.

blue monThat’s right – you pester them with questions all week long about where the start of the “12 Items or Fewer” line is (even when they’re holding a sign that says “12 items or fewer”), so come out to support their non-grocery related ventures.


Galapagos Now!, which includes Dan Scan, your neighborhood friendly dairy order writer, and Jeff, who keeps the store full of hummus and deli meats
Cathexes, made up of dried fruits and nuts order writer Scott, and James, who occasionally serves you free samples in tiny cups and was (until-recently) in charge of keeping the store’s mutton chops display looking nice
The Outabodies featuring Shaun, the store’s No. 1 source for dreadlocks, baggy jeans and hot beats
Plus this guy, Adam Beam, who was booked by the venue and does not work with us, therefore is not entitled to any witty  personal characterization by me.

9 pm!!! TONIGHT!!

One of my favorite things about working at the store is that everyone has some secret identity, some passion they do when they’re not stocking cans that garners little financial return. It runs the gamut, from painters, poets and potters to musicians of all stripes, dancers, video producers, a guy who left another job to help start a new church, DJs, plus one sad and lonely struggling journalist.

It’s discussed a little bit in this infamous NY Magazine article about the Manhattan store from 2007. The Brooklyn store is less intense than that one, but the themes are similar.

If all the different bands and artists at the store ever collaborated on one big show, it would be an epic show that would span many hours and a dozen musical genres. But then there would be no one left to tell you which line to get into, so it probably won’t ever happen.

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  1. Day Man!

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