Friday Happy sees the nuns are gay

Good news everyone! The Bollywood strike that crippled one of the largest foreign motion picture industries and sent reverberations throughout Indian communities across the United States has ended!

From the New York Times:

MUMBAI — Indian filmmakers and theater owners settled a two-month dispute about the sharing of ticket revenue Friday, paving the way for ne w Hindi movie releases beginning next week, industry officials said.

Producers and distributors had held back new movies from multiscreen theater companies since early April, demanding that they get an equal share of revenue from ticket sales. The theater owners said a 50-50 revenue split was unacceptable, given that many Hindi-language films do poorly at the box office.

How should we celebrate? By going to any of the various Indian-run theaters in New York to support the arts and culture of our friends from the East? Maybe watching that final scene in Slumdog one more time? Opening a restaurant called “NaanScents?”

Hmm. Yes, those are all well and good. OR you could watch this slightly culturally insensitive video and laugh at it. It’s not a translation but rather a suggestion at what the words sound like in English. It’s long, involved, and requires many, often color-coordinated, full costume changes:

As far as the actual video goes, if  the strike meant that people who have this much choreographical energy, musical passion and, um, ability to dance up a mountainside in pastels wearing sunglasses were going to be out of work, I’m certainly glad that strike has ended.

Welcome back, Bollywood! Your moony bun is fine.

[Thanks to Christine for the link]

One response to “Friday Happy sees the nuns are gay

  1. my friends kevin and monica (who you met) were travelling through india after moving from dubai and ended up in this stupid video.
    cue it to 1:23 to see their bollywood debut.

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