Timeline of a Free David Byrne Concert in Prospect Park

The following events take place between 3:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. Monday, June 8, 2009.



Then this:


Then this began:


Followed by a whole lot of this:


But then this:


Which was awesome.

Then, a lot more of that other previous thing:


Then, uh, this, apparently:


and this:


and, wait? this too?:




and finally, this:


David Byrne, you do strange things to Brooklyn. How often do you spot the Ghostbusters’ Mobile when you’re drunkely wandering down the street? Once in a lifetime, I’d say.

Also, Prospect Park is reporting the official count for the crowd was 27,000 people. And then David Byrne rode his bike to the after party in Park Slope.

2 responses to “Timeline of a Free David Byrne Concert in Prospect Park

  1. There’s no hope for us.

  2. david byrne played here tonight, at an outdoor venue 3 blocks down the street. it was not free, but I could hear the basics from my front porch. Also, we have a ghostbusters chevy cavalier here, which is weird. I think I might be living in bizarro brooklyn where things are the same, but somehow only half as amazing.

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